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Discipleship is the most important thread that makes up Tapestry. This isn’t some “10 Days to Discipleship” class that glosses over the nature of what should be the biggest part of your walk. It’s not accountability buddies, either. This is one-on-one, integration into each other’s lives. We do have a curriculum, but it isn’t some series that has you check off the boxes. It’s a guideline that helps to define, shape, and grow your relationship with Christ and fellow believers.

Supplemental Video Materials:

Book 1

My Identity in Christ

Book 2

How to Hear From God

Book 3

Principles in Authority & Submission

Book 4

The Holy Spirit

Bonus Series from Guest Speakers:

Women's Study

Honor in the House: Walking Out of Shame

Men's Study

with Pastor Bob Groves

Seening God's Faithfulness

with Pastor Ben & Roberta Bonnici

Prophecy Study

Prophecy, Prophetic Prayer, & Ministering to Others with Jennifer Spell