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Statement of Faith



The Bible is inspired by God and therefore without error and wholly reliable in all that it teaches. It is the final authority in determining what we should believe and how we should live.


The one true God has revealed Himself to mankind, His treasured creation. He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and eternally exists in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Jesus is the one and only Son of God. He was born of a virgin, lived a perfect life, performed miracles, died on a cross for the sins of mankind, rose from the dead, ascended to the Father, and will return again in power and in glory.


The Holy Spirit is the personal presence of God in the Earth today. At salvation, He enters the hearts of believers to form the life of Christ in them. The Holy Spirit also fills believers and empowers them with supernatural giftings to accomplish His purposes on the Earth.


Heaven and Hell are real places. Each person, at the end of his/her life, will spend eternity in one of these two places.


God created all humans in His image and desires a personal relationship with every single one. Because we are His image-bearers, each human has intrinsic value and dignity.


Sin is the failure of man to meet God’s standard of moral perfection. While sin can be a single act, it is – more importantly – a state of being that compels us to think and act selfishly and separates us from God, eternally. Humans are naturally sinful and separated from God by their sin.


Jesus Christ, though sinless, was executed by crucifixion as a sacrifice for mankind. Anyone desiring forgiveness of their sins and a relationship with God will receive both by accepting Jesus’ death as punishment for those sins. At the moment faith is placed in Jesus and His sacrifice, the Holy Spirit enters the heart of the believer, recreating him or her from the inside out. Jesus called this experience being “Born Again”.


The Christian walk is best learned through close observation in the context of personal relationship. The Bible calls this process “discipleship” and it is the kind of learning that Jesus modeled for us during His ministry on earth.


Once the Holy Spirit enters the heart of the Christ-follower, He begins creating the character and nature of Christ within the heart of that person. This is the process of spiritual maturity, which is much more effective in the context of discipleship, coupled with disciplines like Bible study, prayer, worship, and fasting.

Statement of Faith